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Arjun Athreya

ECE PhD student at UIUC working with Prof. Ravi Iyer
Formerly ECE PhD student at CMU, member of WNSS group


Arjun Athreya is a PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at UIUC, formerly a PhD student in ECE at CMU Silicon Valley. He received the MS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon in December 2010, focused on Networking and Security Technologies with emphasis on wireless networking. Arjun worked as a Summer Intern at Cisco Systems, San Jose in 2010 in the Network Systems and Software Technologies Group (NSSTG) on Embedded Network Management technologies, where a US patent was filed for his work in November 2010. Arjun completed his schooling at Bishop Cotton Boys' School, Bangalore in 2003 and his undergraduate studies at R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore with majors in Telecommunications in 2009. His research interests are wireless networks, network security and its applications in emerging research areas such as VANETS, Networked Cyber Physical Systems, Ad-hoc networks, Social Networks and Self Organizing networks. Arjun's personal interests include traveling, photography, aquarium keeping, Formula One, cooking, Vedic Sciences and Indian Classical Music.

Arjun Athreya

Conference Publications while at CMU

  • Arjun Athreya, Harry Chan-Maestas, Edward Katz, Patrick Tague, and Bob Iannucci, "Energy-Governed Resilient Networked Systems", 11th Annual IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, Jan 2014. [pdf,bib]

  • Arjun Athreya, Bruce DeBruhl, and Patrick Tague, "Designing for Self-Configuration and Self-Adaptation in the Internet of Things", CollaborateCom First International Workshop on Internet of Things (C-IOT), Oct 2013. [pdf,bib]

  • Arjun Athreya, Xiao Wang, Yu Seung Kim, Yuan Tian, and Patrick Tague, "Resistance is Not Futile: Detecting DDoS Attacks without Packet Inspection", International Workshop on Information Security Applications (WISA), Aug 2013. [pdf,bib]

  • Arjun Athreya and Patrick Tague, "Network Self-Organization in the Internet of Things", IEEE International Workshop on Internet-of-Things Networking and Control (IoT-NC), June 2013. [pdf,bib]

  • Arjun Athreya and Patrick Tague, "Self-Organization of a Mesh Hierarchy for Smart Grid Monitoring in Outage Scenarios", 4th IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference (ISGT), Feb 2013. [pdf,bib]

  • Arjun Athreya and Patrick Tague, "Survivable Smart Grid Communication: Smart-Meters Meshes to the Rescue", 1st International Workshop on Communication Technologies Support for the Smart Grid (SGCom), January 2012. [pdf,bib]

Posters & Demos while at CMU

  • Arjun Athreya and Patrick Tague, "Towards Secure Multi-path Routing for Wireless Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks: A Cross-layer Strategy", IEEE Conference on Sensor, Mesh and Ad Hoc Communications and Networks (SECON), June 2011. (poster) [pdf1, pdf2, bib]